A Peak Inside Our Investment Strategy

We would like to introduce another important contributor to our investment process: Strategas

Their name is a variation on “strategy,” which is derived from the Greek word, “strategos,” or “general.” In Athenian Democracy, the strategoi stood between elected officials and military leaders to provide counsel that tried to strike a balance between individual liberties and the security of the state.

For us, the range of insights that the independent research boutique provides have proved valuable.We appreciate the way their various specialists distill complex investment concepts into understandable and actionable ideas and themes that fully complement our other efforts.

Strategas’ Policy Research team, for instance, seeks to identify federal, state, and local policy initiatives that have direct investment implications. Based in Washington, DC, this group wades through the legislative, executive and regulatory landscape to provide us with forward-looking information that is relevant to our holdings and strategy.

Their Economics group, meanwhile, employs an analytical approach based on high- frequency economic forecasting and thematic research to provide us with a coherent and consistent macroeconomic framework. Better yet, their focus is global: they offer insights on fundamental trends in both mature and developing economies.

They also have an Investment & Equity Sector Strategy team that works to unearth any number of major themes with implications for global financial markets more broadly.

Finally, Strategas’ Technical Analysis team picks up where the fundamental specialists leave off in an effort to identify developing trends among asset classes. Their focus is on providing actionable investment conclusions and a thoughtful yet concise short-term market outlook.

Strategas defines the principles they adhere to as Quality, Transparency, and Perspective. As long-time subscribers to their research – across various firms – we could not agree more.